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AD Code Registration

Streamlining Customs Clearance for Your Business
AD Code Registration

    Don’t miss out on the benefits of AD Code registration for your import-export business and enjoy the advantages of streamlined customs clearance and global market expansion.

    Begin your AD Code registration now and enjoy hassle-free import-export operations.

    AD Code Registration

    Start Your AD Code Registration Today!

    The Indian Customs Electronic Gateway (ICEGATE) is an online portal designed to simplify e-filing services for businesses, trade partners, and cargo carriers. By enabling the electronic submission of various documents, ICEGATE streamlines the import-export process and reduces paperwork. One crucial requirement for smooth customs clearance is the registration of an Authorized Dealer (AD) Code, a 14-digit numerical code assigned by the bank handling your foreign exchange transactions.

    Why Register an AD Code?

    Streamline your customs clearance process by registering your AD Code.

    Registering your AD Code is essential for efficient customs clearance. Without a registered AD Code, you cannot generate a shipping bill number required for customs clearance through the Ice Gate portal’s EDI system. Moreover, if you conduct import-export activities and do not have a registered AD Code, you may miss out on government advantages. By registering for an AD Code with customs, you can have government benefits directly credited to your current account.

    Documents Required for AD Code Registration

    The documents required for AD Code registration vary based on your business type. Here are the documents needed for different types of businesses:
    1. Partnership or Private Limited:
    • Bank AD Code Letter
    • Import Export Code (IEC)
    • GST Certificate
    • Company PAN
    • All Partner/Director PAN & Aadhaar
    • Cancelled Cheque
    2. Proprietorship:
    • Bank AD Code Letter
    • Import Export Code (IEC)
    • GST Certificate
    • PAN Card Copy
    • Aadhaar Copy
    • Cancelled Cheque

    Benefits of AD Code Registration

    AD Code registration offers several advantages that can benefit your business:
    • Market ExpansionWith an AD Code, you can export and import from anywhere in the world, enabling you to expand your business beyond the boundaries of India.
    • One-time ProcessAD Code registration is a one-time procedure. Once registered, you do not need to file any returns or update it annually, saving you time and effort.
    • Life-long ValidityAD Code registration remains valid as long as your firm exists. You don't have to worry about renewing it periodically.
    • Trade IncentivesCompanies with registered AD Codes may receive various incentives for their imports/exports from entities like the DGFT, Export Promotion Council, Customs, and other government bodies.
    • Efficient Customs ClearanceBy registering your AD code, you expedite the customs clearance process, ensuring a smoother experience for your import-export business.
    • Reduced PaperworkAD code registration on ICEGATE minimizes the need for physical documentation, making the process more eco-friendly and efficient.
    • Easier TrackingWith a registered AD code on ICEGATE, you can easily track your shipments and monitor the status of customs clearance.

    How to Register an AD Code with Tax Mother?

    Registering an AD Code is now a quick and straightforward online process. Our team of professionals at Tax Mother can assist you every step of the way:
    • Step 1Consult our experts to determine your eligibility and understand the required documents.
    • Step 2Our team will help you prepare all the necessary documents in the prescribed format.
    • Step 3We will assist you in submitting the AD Code application form.
    • Step 4The DGFT officials will verify and process your application within a week.
    • Step 5After successful verification, we will provide you with an AD Code Certificate or Document via email.