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Appoint directors to your private limited company and unlock new possibilities for growth and success

Appointment of Director to Your Private Limited Company

Add Directors

    Appointment of Directors Made Easy – We provide professional services for appointing directors to your private limited company. Strengthen your leadership team and ensure compliance with our seamless process.

    Documents Required to Appoint a Director

    • PAN card of the director
    • Identification proof, such as Voter ID, driving license, Aadhaar card, etc
    • Proof of residence, such as utility bills, rental agreement, etc
    • Passport size photograph
    • Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

    Addition of New Directors

    Discover the Process of Adding Directors to Your Company in India

    Adding directors to your company is a crucial step in its functioning and decision-making processes. Here’s an overview of the process:

    1. Obtain Consent: Secure the consent of the proposed directors and obtain Form DIR-2 before proposing a director.

    2. Digital Signature Certificates (DSC): If the proposed directors don’t have a DSC, they should apply for one.

    3. Director Identification Number (DIN): Apply for DIN if a proposed director doesn’t have one. DIN is valid for a lifetime.

    4. KYC Documents: Collect all necessary KYC documents and educational qualifications as per job requirements.


    Who is a Director in a Private Limited Company?

    A director is an individual appointed to the company’s board who manages and represents the company. Types of directors include managing, whole-time, ordinary, additional, professional, nominee directors, and more.


    Maximum and Minimum Number of Directors:

    A private limited company can have a maximum of fifteen directors, which can be increased further by passing a special resolution. The minimum number of directors varies based on the type of entity.


    Residency Requirement:

    There are no restrictions on the appointment of foreigners or NRIs as directors. However, at least one director must have stayed in India for at least 182 days in the previous calendar year.


    Women Director Requirement:

    Listed companies and limited companies meeting specific financial criteria must appoint at least one woman director.

    Ensure compliance and proper management by adding directors to your company. Contact us for expert assistance in this process.

    Ensure a smooth and compliant process for adding directors to your company. Contact us for professional assistance today!

    Director FAQ's

    Find answers to commonly asked questions about directors in a company:

    1. Who can be a Director in a Company?
    – Only individuals or living persons can be appointed as directors in a company. Entities or body corporates cannot be appointed as directors.

    2. How many Directors can a Company have?
    – A company can have a maximum of fifteen directors. If the company wishes to increase the number of directors, it can be done by passing a special resolution.

    3. What are the eligibility criteria to be a Director in the company?
    – Yes, there are certain eligibility criteria to become a director:
    – The proposed individual must be a major (above 18 years of age).
    – They must qualify under the law specified in the Companies Act, 2013.
    – The existing members of the board must agree to the appointment of the new director.

    4. Which Form is required to be filed for appointing a new Director?
    – To appoint a new director, e-Form DIR-22 needs to be filed.

    5. Is it necessary for a shareholder to be a Director of the Company?
    – No, there is no such requirement. A person who does not hold any shares can also be appointed as a director in the company.

    6. Is it necessary to be physically present to change the registered office of the Company?
    – No, there is no requirement for physical presence. The change of registered office can be done online. Our experts can assist you with the process.

    For more information or assistance with any other queries, please contact our team of experts.