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RCMC Registration

Boosting Your Export Business with Ease
RCMC Registration

    RCMC registration opens doors to a world of opportunities for exporters.

    Don’t miss out on the benefits of registration – take a step towards success and expand your export business today!

    Start Your R C M C Registration Journey Now!

    Register for RCMC and unlock the advantages of a booming export business. Begin the process today and experience the growth you deserve.

    In the world of international trade, RCMC (Registration cum Membership Certificate) plays a vital role in facilitating smooth and profitable export operations. We will guide you through the process of RCMC registration, its benefits, and the necessary documents. Get ready to unlock new opportunities and expand your global reach.

    RCMC - A Step towards Success

    Enhance your export capabilities with RCMC registration. Access exclusive benefits, expand your market reach, and become a prominent player in the global trade arena. Register now!

    RCMC registration is now simpler and more accessible than ever before. The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) has introduced an online procedure to streamline the application process.

    Documents Required for RCMC

    To initiate the registration process, gather the following essential documents:
    • Exporter or Merchant Registration Proof
    • Import Export Code (IEC) Certificate
    • Declaration of Main Line of Business
    • Consent from Export Promotion Board or FIEO (Federation of Indian Export Organizations)

    Validity of RCMC

    The Validity of RCMC Explained

    Once issued, your RCMC is valid from April 1st of the licensing year and remains effective for five years until March 31st of the licensing year.

    Amendment and Renewal of RCMC

    Amendment and Renewal of RCMC Made Easy

    If any changes are required in the issued RCMC, amendments can be made to ensure accurate representation. Additionally, renewal of the Registration-cum Membership Certificate is necessary to maintain its validity and enjoy uninterrupted benefits.

    Types of Membership

    Associate and Ordinary

    RCMC offers two types of memberships: Associate and Ordinary. Each membership type caters to different requirements and benefits, providing exporters with flexible options to suit their specific needs.

    Benefits of RCMC

    RCMC registration brings forth numerous advantages for exporters, such as:
    • Foreign Trade PolicyBy opting for RCMC registration, exporters can access benefits offered under the foreign trade policy. Regular updates on the policy are also provided, ensuring exporters stay informed.
    • Promotion of ExportsPromoting exports is vital for the growth of various sectors. RCMC registration directly promotes exports on an international level, aligning with initiatives like Atmanirbhar Bharat. This scheme aims to enhance self-sustenance and boost India's export volume.
    • Availing Different SchemesRegistered exporters can avail various schemes offered by the FIEO (Federation of Indian Export Organizations), which are not accessible to unregistered entities. This enables exporters to leverage additional incentives and support.
    • Compliance with GovernmentEntities with RCMC registration demonstrate compliance with government rules and bylaws, fostering a trustworthy and reliable image within the export community.
    • Updates from FIEOApart from concessions, exporters receive regular updates on India's foreign trade policy. Even those who do not require an RCMC certificate can still register as individual exporters to access benefits from the FIEO.

    Eligibility Criteria for RCMC Registration

    To be eligible for RCMC registration, exporters or merchants must fulfill the following criteria:
    • Engaged in Export and Import BusinessApplicants must ensure their business activities involve exports and imports. Obtaining the Import Export Code (IEC) from the DGFT is a prerequisite.
    • Declaration of Main Line of BusinessExporters need to declare their main line of business. If specific products are governed by export promotion boards, obtaining their consent is mandatory. For products without such boards, consent from the FIEO must be obtained.