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KYC of Directors

KYC of Directors

    We at Tax Mother simplify the DIN application and annual KYC process for directors. Obtain your unique identifying number and fulfill your compliance requirements with our expert assistance.

    According to an MCA announcements, directors are required to submit their KYC details if they meet the following conditions:

    • Their Director Identification Number (DIN) was assigned to them by or on March 31, 2018.
    • DIN is in approved status.

    Please note that KYC is also mandatory for disqualified directors.


    KYC of Directors - Form DIR-3 KYC

    The Director Identification Number (DIN) serves as a distinctive identifier for individuals seeking or holding directorship in a corporation. Initially a one-time process, recent changes in the MCA's register now necessitate annual submission of KYC details through e-Form DIR 3 KYC for all DIN holders.

    The purpose of Form DIR-3 KYC is to ensure compliance with regulations by requiring directors to inform all companies they are associated with about their allotted DIN in Form DIR-3B within 30 days of approval. Additionally, the company’s Secretary and Manager must inform the company of their PAN, and the company needs to provide the Registrar with details of directors’ DIN in Form DIR-3C within 15 days of receiving the intimation.

    eForm DIR 3 KYC: Simplifying KYC Filing and Updates

    For DIN holders filing KYC details for the first time, eForm DIR-3 KYC is the exclusive option. No web service access is available for this purpose. Additionally, any updates to KYC details must be done through eForm DIR-3 KYC.


    eForm DIR-3 KYC Web: Streamlined Annual Verification

    For DIN holders who have previously filed eForm DIR-3 KYC and have no changes to update, the eForm DIR-3 KYC Web service offers a simplified process for annual verification of their submitted details.


    Fee Details for Form DIR-3 KYC

    When filing Form DIR-3 KYC within the due date of the financial year, no fee is payable. However, if the form is filed after the due date and the DIN status is ‘Deactivated due to non-filing of DIR-3 KYC’, a fee of Rs. 5000 is applicable.

    Due Date for Filing DIR 3 KYC Form
    E form Purpose of form Timeline Last Date to File Remark
    DIR-3 KYC KYC of Directors Annual Compliance 30th Sept 2022 Every individual who holds DIN as of 31st March 2022 and who has not filed DIR 3 KYC form previously or there is a change in email id and mobile number.
    DIR-3 KYC Web KYC of Directors Annual Compliance 30th Sept 2022

    Every individual who has previously filed form DIR-3 KYC and there is no change in email id and mobile number.

    Documents Required for Filing Form DIR 3 KYC

    • Details of Nationality
    • Citizenship details (gender, date of birth, etc.)
    • Permanent Account Number (PAN)
    • Passport (mandatory for foreign national DIN holders)
    • Driving License
    • Aadhaar card
    • Personal Mobile and Email ID
    • Proof of Residential address
    • Voter's Identity card

    Additional Requirements for Directors:

    1. Digital signature for filing the form
    2. Attestation by practicing CA, CS, or Cost Accountants for the mentioned documents
    3. For foreign nationals, attestation by an authorized person
    4. Declaration signed by the applicant/director and attested by a practicing CA, CS, or Cost Accountants in good standing.

    Filing Process for eForm DIR-3 KYC

    Step 1: Download the form Obtain a copy of the DIR-3 KYC form from the MCA’s website.

    Step 2: Fill in DIN details Enter the DIN on the form if it is in the ‘Approved’ status. Deactivated DIN holders can reactivate it by filling the form and paying late filing fees.

    Step 3: Provide required information Fill in personal details such as name, nationality, age, address, and PAN. Verify PAN information.

    Step 4: Update contact details and verify OTP Provide and validate phone number and email address using OTP.

    Step 5: Attach necessary documents Upload attested documents and additional attachments, digitally signed by the applicant.

    Step 6: Authenticate the form Digitally sign the form with the help of a practicing CA/Cost Accountant/Company Secretary.

    Step 7: Generate SRN Upon successful submission, an SRN is generated for future MCA correspondence.

    Step 8: Email communication Receive an email acknowledging form receipt. Once approval email is received, filing is complete.

    Important Points:

    • Provide valid phone number and email address for OTP verification.
    • Use digital signatures for the e-Form.
    • Ensure the form is certified by a practicing CA/Cost Accountant/Company Secretary.

    Procedure to File Form DIR-3 KYC WEB:

    1. Log in to the MCA portal and select DIR-3 KYC Web under DIN services.
    2. Enter DIN details, mobile number, and email ID.
    3. Verify OTP received on mobile number and email.
    4. Check pre-loaded details, submit the form.
    5. A zero rupee challan and SRN will be generated if filed by September 30th.