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IEC Code Registration

Start Import/Export Business in India Easily

    Import/Export Code (IEC) Registration is required for anyone starting an import/export business in India. The Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) issues a 10-digit IEC code online.

    Apply for IEC registration now to explore international business opportunities and gain a competitive edge in the market.

    What is IEC?

    Learn more about the importance of IEC and how it facilitates import/export activities.

    After India opened its markets to foreign investment in 1991, businesses were given the opportunity to invest in other countries as well. The introduction of Import Export Code Certification by the Government of India, Ministry of Commerce, and DGFT made it easier for businesses to engage in import/export activities and seize diverse opportunities.

    Why is IEC Important?

    Know the significance of IEC registration and how it enables smooth import/export transactions.

    IEC is a unique 10-digit identification number necessary for all import and export transactions. It is a mandatory requirement for businesses involved in import/export activities. Obtaining IEC Certification is a straightforward process, and seeking assistance from an experts can be beneficial.

    Regulatory Authority for IEC Registration

    Find out how the Directorate General of Foreign Trade governs the IEC registration process.

    The DGFT is the primary regulatory authority for IEC registration. The Government of India, Ministry of Commerce, and DGFT handle all IEC-related matters. You can apply for IEC registration independently through the DGFT website.

    Validity of IEC

    Learn about the lifetime validity of IEC and why it's essential for long-term import/export operations.

    Once obtained, the IEC remains valid for a lifetime and does not require renewal. The same IEC can be used for all branches or factories owned by an importer/exporter. It is recommended for organizations to obtain an IE Code, even if they don’t need it immediately.

    Procedure to Apply for IEC Registration

    Follow step-by-step guide to easily apply for your IEC registration online.
    • Visit the official DGFT website.
    • Click on the "Services" tab on the home page.
    • Select "IEC Profile Management" from the drop-down list.
    • Click on "Apply for IEC".
    • Choose "New Registration" and provide the required details.
    • Validate the OTP and set a new password.
    • Log in to the DGFT website using the new credentials.
    • Click on "Apply for IEC".
    • Fill out the form, submit the required documents, and pay the fees.
    • Click on "Submit" and generate an IEC certificate.

    When is IEC Registration Required?

    Understand the situations where IEC registration becomes mandatory for importers and exporters.
    • Clearance of consignments by an importer from customs authorities
    • Remitting money abroad through authorized banks
    • Exporting shipments abroad through customs port
    • Receiving inward remittances in foreign exchange
    • Food licensing and FSSAI registration
    • APEDA registration
    • Availing subsidies or benefits on imports/exports

    Documents Required for IEC Registration

    Check out the list of documents you need to prepare for a seamless IEC registration process.
    1. Company
    • Company’s PAN Card
    • Business Address Proof
    • MOU
    • Incorporation Certificate
    • Photograph and Aadhaar Card of Directors
    • Mobile no. of Directors
    • Letter of Authorized Signatory/Board Resolution
    • Director's e-mail ID
    • Cancelled Cheque or Bank Statement of Company
    2. Partnership
    • Firm PAN Card
    • Business Address Proof
    • Photograph and Aadhaar Card of Partners
    • Partnership Deed
    • Letter of Authorized Signatory
    • Partner's Mobile Number
    • Partner's Email ID
    • Cancelled Cheque or Bank Statement of Firm
    3. Proprietorship
    • PAN Card
    • Address Proof
    • Photograph and Aadhaar Card
    • Mobile Number
    • Email ID
    • Cancelled Cheque or Bank Statement

    Benefits of IEC Registration

    Tax Mother can assist you with the online registration of your IEC code through a team of skilled professionals.
    • Business ExpansionIEC code enables international import/export activities without third-party involvement, leading to increased profit and business expansion opportunities.
    • No Filing of ReturnsIEC registration doesn't require filing returns with DGFT, simplifying compliance.
    • No Renewal RequiredIEC code has lifetime validity, eliminating the need for renewal.
    • Easy ProcessingEasy online registration process for obtaining IEC code from DGFT.
    • Avail BenefitsIEC code eligibility allows businesses to enjoy benefits from export promotion councils, customs, and DGFT.
    • Government AuthorizationDGFT certification increases the reputation of exported products.

    Eligibility for IEC Code Registration

    Find out if your business is eligible for IEC code registration and seize global trade opportunities.

    Any business involved in import/export activities, including proprietorships, partnerships, non-profit organizations, private limited companies, trusts, and societies, must obtain an IEC code.

    Suspension and Cancellation of IEC Number

    The department can suspend or cancel an IEC code under the following circumstances:
    • Violation of foreign exchange, central excise, customs laws, or other economic offenses specified by the government.
    • Conducting imports/exports prejudicial to India's trade relations or the interests of other individuals engaged in import/export activities.
    • After providing an opportunity to be heard, the Director-General may suspend or cancel an IEC number, restricting the exporter's or importer's activities, unless under special license conditions.

    Ready to take your import/export business to the next level? Register for your IEC code today!