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    To prevent tax evasion during the movement of goods, the government has introduced an online platform called the E-Way Portal (www.ewaybillgst.gov.in) for generating e-way bills.

    An e-way bill, also known as an electronic way bill, must be generated online on the E-Way Bill portal before the actual movement of goods. Once the e-way bill is submitted online, the portal provides a unique identification number. The authenticity of the e-way bill can be verified by entering the unique identification number in the search bar on the E-Way Bill portal. E-way bills must be generated when the value of goods exceeds ₹50,000. Taxpayers are required to generate e-way bills for both inter-state and intra-state movement of goods.

    Parts of E-Way Bill

    The e-way bill consists of two parts: Part A and Part B, which are generated electronically on the GST portal before the goods are moved.

    Part A includes:

    • GSTN of supplier and recipient
    • Place of dispatch
    • Place of delivery
    • Document no. & date
    • Value of goods & HSN code
    • Transport document no. & ID (Goods receipt number or railway receipt number or airway bill number or bill of lading number)

    Part B includes:

    • Mode of transport
    • Vechile no.

    When is GST EWay Bill Mandatory to Generate?

    Ensure Compliances in Goods Transportation

    E-way bills must be generated when the value of goods exceeds ₹50,000. However, e-way bills can also be generated voluntarily if the value is less than or equal to ₹50,000.

    How to Generate an E-Way Bill?

    Generate E-Way Bills with Ease!

    Follow this step-by-step guide to generate an E-Way Bill (EWB-01) online:

    • Step 1Log in to the E-Way Bill system. Enter your username, password, and captcha code, and click on 'Login'.
    • Step 2Click on 'Generate new' under the 'E-Way Bill' option on the dashboard.
    • Step 3Select the type of transaction and, if applicable, select the subtype.
    • Step 4Fill in the details as mentioned in the invoice, such as recipient's GSTIN, invoice number, invoice date, HSN, and value of goods.
    • Step 5Enter transporter details and vehicle number.
    • Step 6Click on 'Submit'. After checking for any errors, the system will successfully validate the data and generate a 12-digit E-Way Bill number.
    • Step 7Take a printout of your E-Way Bill.

    E-Way Bill for Goods Movement to Weighbridge

    Exemptions for Goods Movement to Weighbridge

    No E-Way Bill is required for the movement of goods up to a distance of 20 km from the consignor’s place of business to a weighbridge for weighment, or from the weighbridge to the consignor’s place of business within the same state. This is subject to the condition that the movement of goods is accompanied by a delivery challan issued in accordance with GST rules.

    Who Can Generate an E-Way Bill?

    Streamline Your Business Operations - Start Generating E-Way Bills!
    • Registered taxpayer
    • Unregistered taxpayer
    • Registered transporter
    • Unregistered transporter

    Validity of E-Way Bill

    Understanding E-Way Bill Validity: Duration for Smooth Goods Transportation

    The validity of the E-Way Bill depends on the distance the goods need to be transported. For regular vehicles, a validity of 1 day is provided for every 200 km. For over-cargo dimensional vehicles (ODC vehicles), a validity of one day is provided for every 20 km or part thereof. The validity expires at midnight on the last day.